How to Make Your Office Green for 2013

How to Make Your Office Green for 2013

If your company has just moved into a new office, or is thinking about doing so, then now is the perfect time to go green. Environmental awareness is something that is frequently banded about these days, but despite its misrepresentation as a kitsch fad, it really is worth addressing. Quite simply, it just makes sense. Not only is it important that we all do our bit for the planet we live on, but going green really will save you money in the long run.

Of course there are great lengths to which you can go in order to significantly reduce a carbon footprint. But there are also so many small ways to effectively make a difference, without compromising your business or lifestyle. If anything, it will be enhanced. Most of it is just commonsense, so here are a few basic suggestions to get you on your way to a greener office.

The chances are that most people in the building will have already switched to energy saving bulbs at home. The same should apply at work. Of course, having enough light to be productive is important but there are many eco-friendly solutions, specifically designed for office spaces now readily available. As is the case with any energy-saving bulb – the initial cost may be slightly higher, but they last a lot longer and reduce your utility bill.

Another habit that should be the same at work as it is at home is to turn things off when they aren’t in use. This goes for printers, speakers, monitors and anything else with a plug. It will also help to regulate the air temperature so you don’t have to turn the air conditioning on.

Go paperless wherever possible. Offices produce so much waste that can be easily avoided. Many of us communicate digitally now, so before you press the ‘print’ key, ask yourself if it’s really necessary, or could you read it on the screen. If it does need to be printed, use recycled paper and only print in colour if you have to. This is both greener and cheaper.

Make your office as green as possible – literally. Replace any synthetic pot plants with real ones. Then add a few more. They are nature’s air purifiers, absorbing the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, for free. They also look good and make for a brighter atmosphere.

Reuse and recycle whatever you can. Good waste management is a great way to reduce energy and running costs, as well as giving our environment a helping hand. Things like printer cartridges and scrap paper are great things to start with. Simply switching from disposable cups and cutlery to the real stuff will make a huge difference. Again, the initial cost of a one-off purchase will work out far cheaper than supplying constant replacements. If you really have to use disposable cups then stick to natural materials such as cardboard and plastic as at least these can be recycled.

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