Staying Productive During an Office Move

Staying Productive During an Office Move

Whether your office is moving to a new building across town, or simply being relocated to a different floor, the process can be a stressful one. The main worry is often a loss of productivity for the business. Yet there are some simple steps that can be taken to minimise this as well as making the whole thing a little easier.

The two most important things to have in any change of circumstances are organisation and communication. They will make for a smoother transition, as well as maximising the time you have to get things done. Planning and preparation should include a detailed map of the new office that shows each and every plug socket, connection point and layout of furniture. Emails, meetings and notifications informing everyone of what will be happening enables them to plan their workload and enhances the team as a whole.

The more you do before the office move, the more quickly business will return back to normal afterwards. Do not overlook the small things, like clearing out your desk draws in plenty of time, making sure every piece of paper is filed, and above all, labeling as much as you can.

When everything is up in the air, being flexible is crucial. So long as you inform all of your customers and clients exactly what is going on, you can still operate on some level as a business. By optimising communication tools such as email and online messaging services, many people will be able to get work done at home. It can be an ideal time to catch up on paperwork and planning. It may even be worth introducing temporary shifts so that there is someone on hand to answer the phones should anyone need to call the office. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to put your customers first.

Of course being prepared is always a good thing. Yet sometimes we have to prepare ourselves for the unknown. Things will probably go wrong so the best you can do is stay calm and focused, and just do what you can. There is no point in getting stressed about something of which you have no control over. Down time is almost inevitable so use it wisely.

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