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IT Relocation

Welcome to Xpress Relocation

Whether moving a few staff internally or hundreds in a major migration, Xpress Relocation has a proven track record in completing successful major IT relocation projects. 

With so many variables to consider; networking, PCs, Servers, telephones, power; there is a genuine risk of encountering problems. We work together with you and our project team to ensure that throughout the decommissioning, relocation and recommissioning, there is a schedule for a faultless process. 

Xpress Relocation taking care of IT equipment

Our experienced IT packers protect the equipment once it has been decommissioned by your staff. 

Flat-screen monitors are packed into a custom-made screen protector bag to avoid damaging the delicate front screen. This is then placed into a labelled computer crate complete with the base unit and all peripherals for that user.  If moving to a different location, transportation to the new site is made in air-ride vehicles to ensure that equipment arrives safely. Once at the correct workstation, all equipment is unpacked, checked and placed onto the correct workstation for recommissioning.

IT Decommissioning and Recommissioning service

IT relocation is a matter of concern to everyone, our tech handling team is professionally equipped, so you and your team will be able to pick up exactly where you left off. Our typical process flow includes:

  • Attendance at move planning meetings with your own IT staff
  • Carry out an audit of desktop and ancillary equipment when decommissioning
  • decommissioning and professional packing
  • Safe and secure transportation on the air ride vehicle
  • Unpacking and removal of all packaging
  • Recommissioning and set up at a correct workstation
  • Full power up, boot and network connectivity tests

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Whatever your requirements are Xpress Relocation can tailor a solution or service that fulfils your needs.