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Covid-19 Compliance

Welcome to Xpress Relocation

Due to the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 virus, Xpress Relocation has reviewed operational procedures to protect our customers and employees. We’ve launched our Covid-19 Compliance services, which helps us help you as a business ensure that return to the work adjustments are made to protect your staff. 


COVID-19 Office Solutions 

Within our office furniture solutions service, we are helping employers to adapt their workspaces with short-term solutions that require minimum investment. 

  • Freestanding Shields provide structure to the work environment while supporting the protection of personal space to allow people to be in the office working safely. 
  • Desk Shields are easy and quick to integrate into different workspaces, but they provide the desired level of protection to employees. 
  • New cleaning standards and capacity policies may have to be reinforced with strategically placed signage in and around your office. 
  • Flooring solutions, such as stickers, social distancing tape, floor mats and carpet tiles, can ensure the workforce is reminded of their responsibility to stay alert.


Return to Work Services

Along with our relocation services, a space planner can attend your premises and carry out a Covid site survey and then provide a detailed plan outlining changes required to the layout of your office to support social distancing. Our space planners can work with you to understand your business needs and how your business operates in order to provide solutions that can be easily implemented.

Whether it’s changing the workspace, protecting employees or facilitating longer-term home working, we can offer advice and office solutions. Some may be temporary; others will be for the longer term as workplace strategies are revised post-COVID-19.


Contact Us

Whatever your requirements are, Xpress Relocation can tailor a solution or service that fulfils your needs. 

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Contact Us

Whatever your requirements are Xpress Relocation can tailor a solution or service that fulfils your needs.