Helping children in Milton Keynes

Xpress Relocation are sponsoring an event which seeks to help children in Milton Keynes via live circus shows.

Circus Starr runs professional circus performances in 75 towns and cities around the UK, raising funds for local charities. They are coming to Milton Keynes on 12 October, providing 1,000 free tickets for children who would not normally have the chance to experience a live show.

Circus Starr helps children who are suffering from physical disabilities, learning difficulties, life-limiting ilnesses or are from underprivileged backgrounds. They give the children a life-changing experience and lasting memories, that bring fun and laughter to their often difficult live, and have raised over £750,000 for charity since 2000.

This year’s event will see Willen Hospice as the chosen charity, and Xpress Relocation are one of the main sponsors of the event. In addition, we have paid to send six children to the show to potentially transform their young lives.

The event will take place at Milton Keynes Irish Centre and children from a selection of MK schools are attending the event.

You can find out more about Circus Starr and what they do on their website at