Advice for keeping your Office Move Stress Free

Advice for keeping your Office Move Stress Free

Relocating your office space is an extremely daunting task. There are a huge variety of things to consider, preparations to make and details that need sorting both during and after the move. There’s a great deal to remember too, so you can always try this handy Office Removals Checklist. Organising office removals is no easy task but by ensuring you stick to our advice you can ensure the process will be as smooth as possible.

Use an Office Removals Company

It might well seem straightforward, but no matter the size of your company, or the level of complexity, it will make the process far simpler by hiring a professional office removal management company. Specialist companies undertake a wide variety of office moves ranging in difficulty and scope, so by employing the professionals you know that if there is a problem, it is more than likely they will have come across it before.

Task Delegation

Ensure that all members of your organisation are fully behind the office move, and then designate certain teams to assist in the relocation process. Ensure that they departments are responsible for their own equipment, and ask if they require assistance then to let the organisers of the move aware so any issues can be flagged up as early as possible.


Most office removals companies would assist or do the majority of the packing for you, but personal desk items should not be included. Assisting the removals company in any way you can helps a smooth transition to the new location.

Change your Postal Address

Make sure you let all the stakeholders involved in your business aware you will be moving address. Obvious candidates such as banks, customers, employees and suppliers should all be notified of any relocation process.