Thank you from Experian

Dear Team,

On behalf of the project move team, management and the whole of Targeting we wanted to say a massive thank you for all your great work. There is no doubt that the success of the move has come down to how well we have all worked together which includes communication, clear objectives and timelines as well as us all having the drive and energy to ensure this move was successful.

Within a day we are already seeing the positive impacts of us moving to SJP. Simple things such as us building relationships with GPD with individuals we wouldn’t have spoken to before (unless there was a clear reason and it would have been by email!). This development of relationships means that we can work more effectively than ever, build towards One EMS (and of course one Experian) which will then reflect in increased level of service to our clients and therefore more revenue!

A great example of going the extra mile was from Steve. When walking through what needed to be moved with Steve, we found that the majority of monitors in Touchdown were screwed into the desks and didn’t have “arms”. Unfortunately this hadn’t been factored in when talking to Dell so at that point there was nothing for the monitors to connect to the barriers in SJP…Steve instantly said “don’t worry I’ll sort it” – within a minute he had called the guy from Dell (who was in Spain!) and had managed to arrange for “arms” to be fitted on all desks. Given this was the day before the move, this was a huge relief and incredible customer service.

Overall we were blown away with the guys from both the removals and Ashlar. They are incredibly approachable and couldn’t do enough for us. Especially on the day, nothing was too much trouble at all. It was a pleasure working with them!

Thank you again.

The Office Move Project Team